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Estimate Your Commercial Earth Materials Needs

How much do you need?  Estimate your needs for Fill Materials and Rock Wall Materials on our easy-to-use Online Materials Calculators, below. Or for Retail Delivery, check out our Service Zones Pricing Calculator.

Fill Materials Calculator

Fill in the fields below and click ‘Calculate’ to estimate the volume of Earth Material required to cover a given area in your landscaping project.
Estimate your total yards of material required:

Rock Wall Materials Calculator

Fill in the fields below to estimate the materials created to build your new Rock Wall.

Estimate your total tons of material required:

Know your amount — get prices

Lenz places all orders in cubic yard increments. Please remember to round up to the nearest yard when estimating, in order to ensure you order enough material to meet your needs. These tools are for estimation purposes only.  Lenz Enterprises is not responsible for quantities ordered in error. Please verify your calculations and work with a professional to ensure the most accurate estimates. If you have questions, please contact Lenz Enterprises directly at 360-629-2933.